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Multiple Zee Channels and Others Exit Measat 3a Satellite

Viewers on the Measat 3a satellite at 91.5° E will see a significant reduction in channel options following the departure of several popular channels. Here’s a breakdown of the departing channels:

  • Rock Action (3760 H): Offered a variety of action movies and TV shows.
  • Rock Entertainment (3760 H): Aired a mix of entertainment content, including movies, dramas, and reality shows.
  • &TV (3760 H): Known for its focus on light-hearted family entertainment with comedy shows and reality TV.
  • &Pictures (3760 H): Showcased a collection of Hindi and regional language movies.
  • ZooMoo Asia (3760 H): Offered educational and entertaining programming for children, focused on animals and nature.
  • Zing Asia (3760 H): Aimed at the youth audience with music videos, lifestyle shows, and reality programs.
  • Zee Café (3760 H): Featured international content, including sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows.
  • Zee Classic (3760 H): Showcased classic Bollywood movies and TV shows for a nostalgic audience.
  • Zee Bollywood (3760 H): Dedicated to Bollywood blockbusters and popular Hindi movies.
  • Zee News (3760 H): A leading Hindi news channel providing comprehensive national and international coverage.
  • Zee Business (3760 H): Focused on business news, financial markets, and economic analysis.
  • Zee Cinema Asia (3760 H): Offered a selection of Asian movies, including Bollywood and regional language films.
  • Zee TV India (3760 H): A general entertainment channel featuring family dramas, reality shows, and comedy programs.
  • Zee Action (3760 H): Showcased action movies and TV shows, catering to viewers who enjoy thrillers and adventure.
  • Zee Anmol (3760 H): Featured classic Hindi movies and TV shows for a nostalgic audience.

Additional Departures:

  • DreamWorks TV Asia (3880 H): Aired animated content from DreamWorks Animation studios.
  • CBeebies Asia (3880 H): Offered educational and entertaining shows for younger children.
  • Outdoor Channel International (3880 H): Featured programming related to outdoor activities, adventure, and nature.

One New Addition:

  • Ten Sports Pakistan (4080 H 30000 3/4): Joins Apstar-7 satellite at 76.5° E, focusing on sports content specific to Pakistan.

While viewers on Measat 3a lose access to these channels, the addition of Ten Sports Pakistan on Apstar-7 offers an alternative for those interested in Pakistani sports coverage.

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