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Zing Asia Goes Dark on Asiasat 7: Free Viewing Options Remain

Fans of Zing Asia channels in Pakistan and across Asia were met with a surprise recently as the channel went encrypted on the Asiasat 7 satellite. This means viewers who previously accessed Zing Asia for free on Asiasat 7 will need to find alternative methods to enjoy their favorite shows.

While the exact reason for the encryption remains unknown, there are still ways to catch Zing Asia’s lively content. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  • Zee Network Live Streaming: The Zee Network, which owns Zing Asia, offers live streaming services through its Zee5 platform. A subscription might be required, but it allows access to Zing Asia and a vast library of Zee Network content.
  • Alternative Satellites: Zing Asia remains free-to-air on certain satellites. Look for frequencies on NSS-6 or consult resources like Lyngsat for updates on Zing’s availability (
  • DD Free Dish: In India, viewers can still enjoy Zing Asia for free on the DD Free Dish platform. Check the official DD Free Dish channel list for Zing’s specific frequency.
Channel NameZing Asia (Zee Network)
SatelliteAsiaSat 7 @ 105.5° E
Transponder4140 V 27500 3/4

Price of Encrypted Zing Asia in Pakistan:

Unfortunately, there’s no official information available regarding a potential price for a future decrypted Zing Asia package in Pakistan. However, subscribing to the Zee5 platform or exploring alternative free-to-air options might be the most viable solutions for now.

Looking for Zing Asia Frequencies?

Here are some resources to help you locate Zing Asia on alternative satellites:

  • NSS-6 Frequency: With some research, you might find the current frequency for Zing Asia on the NSS-6 satellite.
  • Lyngsat: This website provides comprehensive satellite information, including potential Zing Asia frequencies on various satellites (

The Future of Zing Asia:

While the encryption on Asiasat 7 is a development, Zing Asia remains accessible through various platforms. Stay tuned for updates on the possibility of a decrypted Zing Asia package in Pakistan or the official reason behind the recent encryption.

How To Watch ZING as Free of Cost

Unfortunately, Zing’s availability for free depends on your location and the specific satellite service provider. Here’s a breakdown to help you find free access:

If You’re in India:

  • DD Free Dish: The good news is that Zing is currently free-to-air on the DD Free Dish platform in India. You can access it by tuning your set-top box to the specific frequency for Zing on DD Free Dish. The channel list with frequencies is usually available on the official DD Free Dish website or through customer support.

Outside of India:

Since Zing recently went encrypted on Asiasat 7, free access on other satellites might be limited. Here are some options to explore:

  • Alternative Satellites: Check for Zing’s presence on satellites like NSS-6. Resources like Lyngsat ( can help you find frequencies for various satellites, including potential Zing availability.
  • Zee Network Live Streaming: Consider subscribing to the Zee Network’s Zee5 platform. While a subscription fee might apply, it grants access to live streaming of Zing Asia along with a vast library of Zee Network content.

Important Points:

  • Regional Availability: Keep in mind that Zing’s free-to-air presence might vary depending on your region and service provider.
  • Encrypted Zing Asia: There’s currently no official information on the cost of a potential decrypted Zing Asia package in countries like Pakistan.
  • Future of Free Zing: The recent encryption on Asiasat 7 might indicate a shift, but other free-to-air options might still exist depending on your location.

Here’s a quick summary table:

DD Free Dish (India)FreeFree
Alternative Satellites (outside India)Depends on region and satellite providerMay vary (potentially free on some)
Zee5 Live StreamingWorldwideSubscription required

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