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Rai 1 Channel Shifts and Hotbird 13F Satellite: A Broadcasting Update

In a recent development, Rai 1, the flagship television channel of the Italian state-owned public broadcaster RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana, has made significant changes to its satellite transmission. Simultaneously, the Hotbird 13F satellite has entered commercial service, enhancing broadcasting capabilities across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Rai 1 Channel: A Brief Overview

  • Rai 1 is an Italian free-to-air television channel known for its mainstream and generalist programming.
  • Launched on January 3, 1954, it was the first regular television service in Italy.
  • Rai 1 offers a mix of news, current affairs, entertainment, sports, and high-quality drama series.
  • The channel has a strong focus on Italian culture and traditions.

Technical Details for Rai 1 HD:

  • Satellite: Hotbird 13.0°E
  • Frequency: 11766 V
  • System: DVB-S2/8PSK
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction): 3/4
  • Picture Format: 1080i HDTV (downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)

Hotbird 13F Satellite: A Game-Changer

  • Hotbird 13F, launched on October 15, 2022, is part of the Eutelsat Hot Bird constellation.
  • It replaces three existing satellites at the 13° East orbital slot.
  • Equipped with 80 Ku-band transponders, Hotbird 13F enhances broadcast quality for around 900 television channels.
  • The satellite uses all-electric propulsion and boasts 22 kilowatts of power capability from its large solar panels.
  • Its advanced features include in-orbit redundancy ability and uplink signal protection.

Technical Details for Hotbird 13F:

  • Position: 13° E
  • NORAD ID: 54048
  • Cospar Number: 2022-134A
  • Operator: Eutelsat Communications S.A.
  • Expected Lifetime: 15+ years

Hotbird 13F’s wide coverage and multi-cultural platform make it a strategic choice for broadcasters, reaching millions of homes across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

As Rai 1 continues to evolve and Hotbird 13F enhances its broadcasting capabilities, viewers can expect an enriched viewing experience and access to a diverse range of content. Stay tuned! 📺🛰️🌍

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