Opentro is a website based on satellite tv content information. Here you can get latest satellite tv news, satellite receivers information their softwares/firmwares/plugins and other details. Regarding satellite data we will also discuss on the data which is being received from satellites via satellite signals, in this data all kind of content will be discussed which is used to watch TV and radio stations, this informations contains with technical paramaters, data types such as encryptions and formats, information type such as transponder detail with names or numbers, frequency, symbole rate, polarity, FEC, video coding detail and much other technical information.

The data from satellite is basically found in 2 types. 1. Free, called as free to air 2. Paid, called as encrypted/scrambled. On the internet we can find a lot of information regarding free and paid data of satellite. Satellite data experts and developers works for the security of this data. So for educational purpose this kind of all security related information could be found on internet sites. We are also sharing this kind of information based data on our site, this could be includes with keys and softwares.

Purpose of information delivery is to educate users about deep satellite knowledge.


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