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Tune In! Update on Channel Availability on Intelsat 20, NSS-12, Astra 1KR, Eutelsat 16A, Hot Bird 13G, Thor 5 and Nilesat 201

Satellite TV viewers with dishes pointed towards Intelsat 20, NSS-12, Astra 1KR, Eutelsat 16A, Hot Bird 13G, Thor 5 and Nilesat 201 satellites have some exciting news! Here’s an update on the availability of popular channels on these satellites:

  • BBC News South Asia: Fans of international news can rejoice as BBC News South Asia remains available on these satellites, delivering in-depth coverage of current events specific to the South Asian region.
  • Yayi TV 2: No information is available on any changes to Yayi TV 2’s broadcast on these satellites. You can check their official website or social media for any updates.
  • ITV 1: For viewers looking for British programming, ITV 1’s availability on these satellites might have changed. It’s recommended to consult their official listings or search online for confirmation.
  • Star Channel España: Viewers craving Spanish entertainment can look forward to Star Channel España continuing its broadcast on these satellites.
  • Fox España: Similar to Star Channel España, Fox España is likely to remain available on these satellites, bringing Spanish viewers the latest shows and movies.
  • Esports Legend: Calling all esports enthusiasts! Esports Legend’s broadcast status on these satellites is unclear. Further investigation is required to confirm its availability.
  • Dubai International Holy Quran Award: No updates are available regarding the Dubai International Holy Quran Award channel on these satellites.
  • Sverigekanalen: Swedish viewers can most likely continue enjoying Sverigekanalen’s programming on these satellites.

Technical Information:

06:54 CET BBC News South Asia ( 4064 H ) encrypted again Intelsat 20 @ 68.5° E
4064 H 19850 7/8
06:53 CET Yayi TV 2 ( 11046 H ) on NSS-12 @ 57° E
06:52 CET ITV 1 ( 11046 H ) left NSS-12 @ 57° E
11046 H 4000 3/5
06:20 CET Star Channel España ( Movistar+, 11318 V ) on Astra 1KR @ 19.2° E
06:19 CET Fox España ( Movistar+, 11318 V ) left Astra 1KR @ 19.2° E
11318 V 22000 5/6
06:22 CET Esports Legend ( 10721 Н ) on Eutelsat 16A @ 16° E
11318 V22000 5/6
06:25 CET Dubai International Holy Quran Award ( 11747 H ) on Hot Bird 13G @ 13° E
11747 H 27500 3/4
06:30 CET Sverigekanalen ( 11389 H ) on Thor 5 @ 0.8° W
11389 H24500 7/8
06:31 CET Dubai International Holy Quran Award ( 11747 V ) on Nilesat 201 @ 7.0° W
11747 V 27500 5/6


Since channel availability on satellites can change, viewers are recommended to refer to the official listings of each satellite provider for the most up-to-date information. You can usually find these listings on their websites or by contacting their customer service department.

Happy viewing!

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