A Sports HD: Where Excellence Meets High Definition!

A Sports is Pakistan’s first HD sports channel, catering to sports enthusiasts across the nation. Let’s dive into the details:
  • Channel Overview:
    • Name: A Sports
    • Type: HD Sports Channel
    • Coverage: 24/7 Live Sports Coverage
    • Website: A Sports

  • Current Focus:
    • A Sports is currently broadcasting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024. Fans can catch all the thrilling cricket action from this prestigious T20 league.
  • PSL 2024 Schedule:
    • Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming PSL 2024 matches on A Sports:
      • February 29, 7:00 PM: Karachi vs. Quetta (T20 16)
      • March 2, 2:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Lahore (T20 17)
      • March 2, 7:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Islamabad (T20 18)
      • March 3, 7:00 PM: Karachi vs. Multan (T20 19)
      • March 4, 7:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Islamabad (T20 20)
      • March 5, 7:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Multan (T20 21)
      • March 6, 2:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Quetta (T20 22)
      • March 6, 7:00 PM: Rawalpindi vs. Karachi (T20 23)
  • Expert Analysis Shows:
    • A Sports features insightful analysis shows, where experts discuss cricket and other sports events:
      • The Pavilion:
        • PAKISTAN vs. AFGHANISTAN (Mid-Match) Expert Analysis (October 23, 2023)
        • PAKISTAN vs. AFGHANISTAN (Pre-Match) Expert Analysis (October 23, 2023)
        • INDIA vs. NEW ZEALAND (Post-Match) Expert Analysis (October 22, 2023)
        • INDIA vs. NEW ZEALAND (Pre-Match) Expert Analysis (October 22, 2023)
        • SOUTH AFRICA vs. ENGLAND (Post-Match) Expert Analysis (October 21, 2023)
        • NETHERLANDS vs. SRI LANKA (Pre-Match) Expert Analysis (October 21, 2023)
  • Other Sports Coverage:
    • A Sports doesn’t limit itself to cricket. It also provides coverage of other sports, including football and hockey.
    • Football: Updates on international football leagues and matches.
    • Hockey: Insights into Pakistan’s hockey journey and major sports events.
    • Tennis: Highlights and analysis from the tennis world.
    • Videos: Engaging content, including interviews, match highlights, and special features.
  • Frequency Information:A Sports can be found on various satellite frequencies:
    • Asiasat 7: HD frequency available.
    • Paksat: HD frequency available.

Remember to tune in to A Sports for your daily dose of sports excitement!

Here are the correct transponder details for A Sports on Paksat 1R @38e:

  • Frequency: 4131
  • Polarity: Vertical
  • Modulation: DVB-S2 8PSK
  • Symbol Rate: 4166
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction): 3/5

Where is A Sports HD Live is available on internet ?

A Sports HD, Pakistan’s first HD sports channel, offers 24/7 live sports coverage. You can catch the action on their official website or watch it on their YouTube channel. Additionally, you can find live streaming of A Sports on SSTv. Stay connected for the latest cricket news, live scores, tournament updates, and rankings at Whether it’s cricket, football, hockey, or other sports, A Sports has you covered!

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