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Satellite Channels Update on G-Sat 15 @ 93.5° E

Several changes have been observed in the lineup of satellite channels on G-Sat 15 @ 93.5° E. Here’s a brief overview of the channels and their technical details:

Channel NameStatusFrequencyTransmissionSymbol RateFEC
DhamaalActive11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
RaapchikActive11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
B4U Music IndiaActive11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
News 24 Think FirstActive11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Ishara TVLeft11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
ABZY CoolLeft11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Zee GangaLeft11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
DhinchaakLeft11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Dhamaka Movies B4ULeft11090 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Sun NeoActive11170 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Popular TVActive11170 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
ABZY MoviesLeft11170 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Shemaroo MarathiBanaLeft11170 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Zee NewsActive11470 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Enterr10Left11470 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Pear TVActive11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Sadhna TVActive11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Zee ActionActive11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Ishara TVActive11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
MTV BeatsLeft11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Zee NewsLeft11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Zing AsiaLeft11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
Popular TVLeft11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
B4U Music IndiaLeft11510 VDVB-S/QPSK295003/4
India NewsActive11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
ABZY CoolActive11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
ABZY MoviesActive11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
VTV News GujratiActive11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
VedicLeft11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
Aastha GujaratiLeft11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
DD Himachal PradeshLeft11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
Swadesh NewsLeft11630 VDVB-S2/8PSK300003/5
Sports18 2Active11510 HDVB-S2/8PSK295003/4
R PlusLeft11510 HDVB-S2/8PSK295003/4
Cinema TV IndiaLeft11510 HDVB-S2/8PSK295003/4
Predict & WinActive11590 HDVB-S2/8PSK295002/3
Surya TVLeft11590 HDVB-S2/8PSK295002/3

This update provides viewers with the latest status of channels available on G-Sat 15 satellite. Keep tuned for further updates.

Here’s a brief description of each channel mentioned in the satellite channels update:

  1. Dhamaal: Dhamaal offers a mix of entertainment content including movies, dramas, and music.
  2. Raapchik: Raapchik is known for its vibrant and trendy content, featuring music videos, celebrity interviews, and lifestyle shows.
  3. B4U Music India: B4U Music India is a popular music channel showcasing a wide range of Bollywood and international music videos.
  4. News 24 Think First: News 24 Think First provides viewers with up-to-date news coverage, analysis, and discussions on various current affairs topics.
  5. Ishara TV: Ishara TV offers a variety of entertainment programs including dramas, reality shows, and lifestyle content.
  6. ABZY Cool: ABZY Cool airs a mix of comedy shows, reality series, and game shows aimed at providing light-hearted entertainment.
  7. Zee Ganga: Zee Ganga features programming targeted towards the cultural and regional interests of viewers, including movies, music, and cultural events.
  8. Dhinchaak: Dhinchaak is a youth-oriented channel offering a blend of music, reality shows, and comedy programs.
  9. Dhamaka Movies B4U: Dhamaka Movies B4U is dedicated to airing blockbuster Bollywood movies, providing viewers with a cinematic experience at home.
  10. Sun Neo: Sun Neo presents a diverse range of entertainment content including movies, serials, and reality shows in various regional languages.
  11. Popular TV: Popular TV offers a mix of entertainment, news, and lifestyle programs catering to a wide audience base.
  12. ABZY Movies: ABZY Movies is a movie channel showcasing a wide selection of Bollywood and regional language films.
  13. Shemaroo MarathiBana: Shemaroo MarathiBana specializes in Marathi language content including movies, dramas, and cultural programs.
  14. Zee News: Zee News is a leading Hindi news channel providing comprehensive coverage of national and international news events.
  15. Enterr10: Enterr10 offers a variety of entertainment programs including movies, reality shows, and music concerts.
  16. Pear TV: Pear TV offers a range of entertainment programs including dramas, movies, and lifestyle shows.
  17. Sadhna TV: Sadhna TV is a spiritual channel featuring discourses, bhajans, and religious programs aimed at promoting spiritual well-being.
  18. Zee Action: Zee Action specializes in action-packed movies from Bollywood and other film industries.
  19. MTV Beats: MTV Beats is a music channel featuring the latest music videos, concerts, and artist interviews across various genres.
  20. Zing Asia: Zing Asia offers a mix of music, reality shows, and lifestyle programs catering to the youth audience.
  21. India News: India News provides viewers with news and current affairs coverage with a focus on Indian politics, society, and culture.
  22. VTV News Gujrati: VTV News Gujrati delivers news and current affairs updates with a specific focus on Gujarat state and regional interests.

These descriptions provide a snapshot of the content and focus of each channel, catering to a diverse range of viewer preferences.

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