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Heads Up, Viewers! Satellite Parameters Change for Multiple Channels (Revival TV Kenya, Investigation Discovery and more)

Attention viewers using satellite to access your favorite international channels! There have been recent parameter changes affecting several channels, including Outdoor Channel International, Quran TV Saudi Arabia, Lapki Live, Efatha TV, Radio Nama (various stations), Investigation Discovery Rossiya, Star Africa TV, and Revival TV Kenya.

Here’s a quick rundown of the affected channels:

  • Outdoor Channel International: Dedicated to outdoor adventures and hunting programming. (Specific programming details unavailable)
  • Quran TV Saudi Arabia: Broadcasts recitations and teachings of the Quran.
  • Lapki Live: Focuses on music and entertainment, potentially catering to a South Asian audience. (Details about programming unclear)
  • Efatha TV: Offers Islamic content, though the specific programming focus is unknown.
  • Radio Nama (Various Stations): “Nama” translates to “voice” in Farsi. These stations likely cater to Iranian audiences in different regions, potentially offering news, music, or cultural programming. Specific stations include:
    • Khalij-e Fars TV
    • Qazvin TV
    • Broonmarzi 3 TV
    • Busher TV
    • Ardebil TV
  • Investigation Discovery Rossiya: The Russian version of the popular Investigation Discovery channel, featuring crime and mystery documentaries.
  • Star Africa TV: Programming details unavailable, but the name suggests a channel focused on African entertainment or cultural content.
  • Revival TV Kenya: A Christian television station based in Kenya, offering religious programming.

Technical Details:

AsiaSat 7 @ 105.5° EOutdoor Channel International back on3880 H 29720 3/5
ChinaSat 11 @ 97.9° EQuran TV Saudi Arabia on3975 H 34284 3/4
ABS-2A @ 74.7° ELapki Live back on11559 V 22000 3/4
Intelsat 22 @ 72.1° EEfatha TV on3917 R 1667 2/3
Intelsat 39 @ 62° ERadio Nama Khalij-e Fars TV on11009 V 3500 3/4
Intelsat 39 @ 62° ERadio Nama Qazvin TV ( 11012 V ) back on
Radio Nama Broonmarzi 3 (Rasht) TV back on
11012 V 2300 3/4
KazSat 3 @ 58.5° EInvestigation Discovery Rossiya (TV Com) on10887 H 30000 3/4
Intelsat 22 @ 72.1° EEfatha TV left3907 R
Intelsat 39 @ 62° ERadio Nama Busher TV left11023 V 3500 3/4
Intelsat 39 @ 62° ERadio Nama Ardebil TV left11026 V 2300 3/4
Eutelsat 10B @ 10° EStar Africa TV left
Revival TV Kenya left
3899 R 20150 5/6

What You Can Do:

  • Contact your satellite service provider: They should be able to provide the updated channel parameters so you can rescan your receiver and continue watching your favorite channels.
  • Search online resources: Websites and forums dedicated to satellite channels might have updates on the parameter changes.

Stay Informed:

Satellite channel lineups and parameters can change occasionally. Here are some ways to stay informed:

  • Consult your satellite provider’s website or social media channels for announcements.
  • Utilize online resources dedicated to satellite channel listings and updates.

By following these tips, you can ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite programming due to satellite parameter changes.

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