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Satellite Lineup Shuffle: Channel Broadcasts Affected (Lapki Live, Sky, QVC Zwei)

Several changes have been reported to satellite channel broadcasts across Europe and Asia. Here’s a breakdown of the affected channels and satellites:


  • Lapki Live: Details about this channel are currently unavailable. Based on the name, it could potentially be a live streaming channel, possibly focusing on a specific region or niche.
  • Sky Showcase: This channel, offered by Sky UK, is likely a promotional channel highlighting upcoming programs or showcasing popular content from the Sky platform.
  • Sky History 2: Another offering from Sky UK, Sky History 2 presumably broadcasts historical documentaries and programs.
  • QVC Zwei Deutschland UHD: This channel from QVC Germany brings the shopping experience to life in stunning Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution.


  • ABS-2A: Located at the 74.7° East orbital position, ABS-2A is a communications satellite operated by ABS.
  • Astra 2E: Positioned at 28.5° East, Astra 2E is part of the Astra satellite constellation operated by SES, a major satellite operator in Europe.
  • Astra 2F: Another satellite in the Astra constellation, Astra 2F sits at the 28.2° East orbital slot.
  • Astra 1M: Located at 19.2° East, Astra 1M is yet another satellite operated by SES, primarily serving Central Europe.

Broadcast Updates:

  • Lapki Live has ceased broadcasting on ABS-2A.
  • Sky Showcase and Sky History 2 have switched from Astra 2F to Astra 2E.
  • QVC Zwei Deutschland UHD is no longer available on Astra 1M.

Full Technical Details:

19:53 CET Lapki Live ( 11559 V ) left ABS-2A @ 74.7° E
11559 V 22000 3/4
19:35 CET Sky Showcase ( Sky UK, 11856 V ) on Astra 2E @ 28.5° E
11856 V 27500 2/3
19:38 CET Sky History 2 ( Sky UK, 12012 V ) on Astra 2E @ 28.5° E
12012 V 27500 2/3
19:32 CET Sky History 2 ( Sky UK, 12110 H ) left Astra 2F @ 28.2° E
19:33 CET Sky Showcase ( Sky UK, 12110 H ) left Astra 2F @ 28.2° E
12110 H 27500 2/3
19:44 CET QVC Zwei Deutschland UHD ( 12344 H ) left Astra 1M @ 19.2° E
12344 H 30000 2/3

These changes could be due to various reasons, such as expiring satellite capacity contracts, technical issues, or the channels themselves undergoing restructuring. Viewers who rely on these channels for their entertainment or shopping needs will need to adjust their satellite dish settings or check with their service providers for alternative ways to access the content.

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