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Satellite Shakeup: Mohabat TV Swings Channels, Divine TV Departs Eutelsat 7B

Viewers with their eyes set on the skies might need to adjust their satellite dishes this week. Here’s a breakdown of the latest channel updates:

Mohabat TV on the Move:

Fans of Mohabat TV, a popular channel (details unavailable), will need to rescan their channels as it has departed from two satellites:

  • Hot Bird 13G (13° East): Mohabat TV is no longer broadcasting on the familiar 12322 H 27500 3/4 transponder on Hot Bird 13G.
  • Eutelsat 7B (7° East): Mohabat TV has also vacated its spot on Eutelsat 7B at 11345 H 27500 5/6.

New Home for Mohabat TV (Unconfirmed):

The good news for Mohabat TV viewers is that the channel has secured a new spot on KazSat 3 at 58.5° East. Look for Mohabat TV on the 10929 H 30000 3/4 transponder.

Divine TV 001 Says Goodbye to Eutelsat 7B:

In other satellite news, Divine TV 001 (specific channel details unavailable) has ceased broadcasting on Eutelsat 7B at 12604 H 30000 2/3.

The Reason for the Changes Remain Unknown

Unfortunately, there’s no official word on the reasons behind these channel movements. Stay tuned for further updates as we learn more about the availability of Mohabat TV on KazSat 3 and any potential new home for Divine TV 001.

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