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New Satellite Channels Launched: A Vibrant Mix of Content

In an exciting development for television viewers, several new channels have recently launched on different satellites. These channels promise diverse content, catering to various interests and demographics. Let’s take a closer look at each of these channels:

1. TBS TV (Tigrai Broadcasting Service)

  • TBS TV is a regional broadcaster based in Tigrai, Ethiopia. It aims to provide informative, entertaining, and culturally relevant content to the Tigraian community. Expect news, cultural programs, and local events coverage.

2. Rahma TV

  • Rahma TV is a channel dedicated to Islamic content. It offers religious teachings, Quranic recitations, and discussions on faith. Viewers can find solace and spiritual guidance through its programs.

3. Western North TV

  • Western North TV serves the people of the Western North Region in Ghana. It covers local news, community events, and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the region.

4. Kebbi TV

  • Kebbi TV is a Nigerian channel focused on Kebbi State. It brings news, entertainment, and educational content to viewers in the state. Expect a mix of local culture, music, and informative shows.

5. Kwara TV

  • Kwara TV caters to the Kwara State audience in Nigeria. It offers a blend of news, lifestyle, and youth-oriented programs. From politics to fashion, Kwara TV has it covered.

6. OSBC (Osun State Broadcasting Corporation)

  • OSBC is the official broadcaster of Osun State, Nigeria. It provides news, documentaries, and cultural shows. Tune in for insights into Osun’s history, traditions, and current affairs.

7. Al-Ansar TV

  • Al-Ansar TV is an Arabic-language channel with a focus on religious content. It aims to promote Islamic values, education, and community welfare.

8. Kantanka TV

  • Kantanka TV, based in Ghana, celebrates African innovation and technology. It covers automotive engineering, science, and indigenous inventions.

9. Al’umma TV

  • Al’umma TV is a platform for discussions on social issues, politics, and community development. It encourages dialogue and informed perspectives.

10. Zamani Plus

  • Zamani Plus offers a mix of entertainment, lifestyle, and current affairs. It appeals to a wide audience, combining local and global content.

11. Standard Voice TV

  • Standard Voice TV focuses on unbiased news reporting. It aims to be a reliable source of information for viewers across regions.

12. Yobe Television Damaturu

  • Yobe Television Damaturu serves Yobe State, Nigeria. It covers news, culture, and developmental issues relevant to the state.

Technical Details:

Al Yah 1 @ 52.5° ETBS TV (Tigrai Broadcasting Service) On12073 V 27500 5/6
Badr-7 @ 26° ERahma TV, Western North TV, Kebbi TV,
Kwara TV, OSBC, Al-Ansar TV, Kantanka TV On
10970 V 27500 2/3
Badr-7 @ 26° EAl’umma TV, Zamani Plus, Standard Voice TV,
Yobe Television Damaturu On
11010 V 27500 2/3

These channels add vibrancy to the satellite broadcasting landscape, ensuring viewers have a plethora of options to explore. Whether you’re interested in news, culture, religion, or entertainment, there’s something for everyone!

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