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Satellite Shakeup: Lineup Shifts as Channels Depart Hot Bird 13G and Astra 2G

Viewers in Europe utilizing satellite television may notice some changes to their channel lineup. Several channels and packages previously available on Hot Bird 13G and Astra 2G satellites are no longer being broadcast.

Channels Affected:

  • TNT International: Offers a variety of programming, including popular American shows, documentaries, and movies.
  • Soyuz (or Soyuz International): Focuses on Russian and Eastern European content, featuring news, entertainment, and cultural programming.
  • Create & Craft: A haven for hobbyists and creatives, showcasing instructional shows on crafting, cooking, and DIY projects.
  • Vivacom package: This could be a regional package offered by a specific satellite provider, containing various channels depending on the region.
  • TJC (The Jewelry Channel): Specializes in showcasing and selling jewelry and gemstones.

Satellites Impacted:

  • Hot Bird 13G: A popular satellite operated by Eutelsat, known for broadcasting a wide range of channels across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Astra 2G: Another major European satellite by SES, carrying a diverse selection of channels for viewers across the continent.

Technical Details:

Satellite: Hot Bird 13G @ 13° E
TNT International and Soyuz left from
11034 V 27500 3/4
Vivacom package left from
1: 12616 H 30000 5/6
2: 12635 V 30000 5/6
3: 12654 Н 30000 5/6
4: 12673 V 30000 5/6
5: 12713 V 30000 5/6
Satellite: Astra 2G @ 28.2° E
Create & Craft left from
11597 V 23000 2/3
TJC left from
11686 V 23000 2/3

Reasons for the Shift:

The specific reasons for these channels departing the satellites are currently unknown. It could be due to contract negotiations between broadcasters and satellite operators failing to reach an agreement, or the channels potentially shifting to a different satellite provider.

Impact on Viewers:

Viewers who subscribed to the affected channels or packages will need to check with their satellite provider for alternative options. Some providers might offer similar channels on different satellites, while others may require viewers to upgrade their package to regain access to the departed channels.

What to Do Next:

  • Contact your satellite provider for an updated channel lineup.
  • Inquire about alternative channels or packages that might offer similar programming.
  • If the missing channels are crucial, explore the possibility of upgrading your package or switching to a different provider that carries the desired channels.

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