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Eutelsat 8 West B Welcomes a Wave of New Channels!

Viewers in the Middle East and North Africa tuning into Eutelsat 8 West B @ 8.0° W are in for a treat! A diverse array of new channels has recently launched on the satellite platform, offering a wider selection of programming to cater to various interests.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the exciting additions:

  • Mahdawioun 313 TV: Details about this channel are still emerging, but the name suggests a possible focus on religious or cultural content.
  • Alwilayah TV: Another channel with limited information available at this time.
  • Hawa Baghdad: This name translates to “Baghdad Eve,” potentially hinting at entertainment or lifestyle programming.
  • Haq TV Iraq: “Haq” translates to “right,” suggesting a channel focused on news or current affairs.
  • Nesiha TV: Meaning “advice” in Arabic, this channel could offer educational or self-improvement content.
  • Alhujja TV: “Alhujja” translates to “argument” or “proof,” possibly indicating a channel with religious debates or discussions.
  • AlNahar Algadid: This translates to “The New Day,” suggesting a general entertainment or news channel.
  • Alwaai Alshirazi: This established channel might be expanding its reach with a new offering.
  • Sham FM Plus TV: This addition could be the television arm of an existing radio station, offering music or talk shows.
  • Al-Ahvaz TV: Potentially catering to the Ahvazi community, this channel’s programming specifics remain unclear.
  • ATV (Al-Adalah TV): “Adalah” translates to “justice,” suggesting a channel focused on legal or social issues.
  • Al-Sabah TV: Meaning “The Morning,” this channel could offer morning news or lifestyle programming.
  • Al-Mahdi TV: Named after a revered figure in Islam, this channel’s content might be religious in nature.
  • Al-Fallojah TV: Focusing on the city of Fallujah, this channel could offer local news or cultural programming.
  • OM-AlBaneen TV: “Om” translates to “mother,” and “AlBaneen” refers to the sons of Ali in Islam. This channel’s content might be geared towards women or religious themes.
  • Al Sayedah TV: Meaning “The Lady,” this channel could offer programming targeted towards women.
  • Alwaai Alshirazi Al Hijaz TV: Another potential expansion from the established Alwaai Alshirazi network, with a focus on the Hijaz region.
  • Arara TV: This name might indicate a channel catering to a specific community or region.

Technical Details:

Satellite:Eutelsat 8 West B @ 8.0° W
Transponder:11512 V 27500 7/8
Channels:Mahdawioun 313 TV
Alwilayah TV
Hawa Baghdad
Haq TV Iraq
Nesiha TV
Alhujja TV
AlNahar Algadid
Alwaai Alshirazi
Sham FM Plus TV
Al-Ahvaz TV
ATV (Al-Adalah TV)
Al-Sabah TV
Al-Mahdi TV
Al-Fallojah TV
OM-AlBaneen TV
Al Sayedah TV
Alwaai Alshirazi Al Hijaz TV
Arara TV

With such a diverse range of new channels, viewers on Eutelsat 8 West B have a lot to explore. Be sure to rescan your satellite receiver to pick up these exciting additions and discover your new favorite channel!

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