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Satellite Lineup Shakeup: Channels Depart, New Arrivals Emerge (Asiasat, Measat, ChinaSat)

The satellite TV landscape is undergoing some changes, with several channels exiting the airwaves and a new one making its debut. Here’s a breakdown of the recent updates:

AsiaSat 7 (105.5°E):

  • Avenues Khabar: This channel seems to have ceased broadcasting on AsiaSat 7.
  • TV 99 News: This Pakistani news channel remains on the same transponder (3663 V) with the same technical parameters (DVB-S2/8PSK).
  • Pet Club TV: A new addition to AsiaSat 7! This channel featuring pet-related content starts broadcasting on transponder 3880 H with a symbol rate of 29720 and FEC of 3/5 (DVB-S/QPSK).

Measat 3a (91.5°E):

  • Channel Exodus: Three channels have left Measat 3a: ZooMoo Asia, Rock Action, and Rock Entertainment. No reason for their departure was provided.

ChinaSat 11 (97.9°E):

  • Eurosport Asia (Medianet): This sports channel continues its broadcast on ChinaSat 11 on transponder 3975 V (DVB-S2/8PSK).
  • Channel Clearout: Three channels have been removed from ChinaSat 11: Paramount Network Asia (Medianet), and Fox News Channel (Medianet).

It’s important to note that these changes may not be reflected immediately on all satellite TV platforms. Viewers are advised to check for updates from their service providers to ensure they have access to the latest channel lineup.

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