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Satellite Service Updates for South American Viewers (ESPN, Canal, Teleantiquia)

South American viewers with satellite television received an update this week regarding channel availability and signal information on the SES-6 satellite located at 40.5°W. Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • ESPN Peru and ESPN 3 Andina: These channels are undergoing some changes, though the exact nature isn’t entirely clear. The update notice simply says “left,” which likely refers to a shift in their transponder information (3876 L). This means viewers may need to adjust their satellite dish settings to continue receiving these channels.
  • Teleantioquia and Teleantioquia Go: Similar to the ESPN channels, these two are also experiencing a change indicated by “left” next to their previous transponder details (PLP: 104 – T2-MI,3887 L). Viewers watching Teleantioquia and Teleantioquia Go will need to rescan their channels to pick up the updated signal.
  • Canal Trece and Canal Trece+: These are exciting additions to the SES-6 satellite lineup! No prior information was available about these channels, so they’re entirely new offerings. The update specifies their transponder information (PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L 5453 3/4) and mentions “new SR,” which likely refers to a new symbol rate.
ESPN Peru  ( 3876 L )leftSES-6 @ 40.5° W
ESPN 3 Andina ( 3876 L )leftSES-6 @ 40.5° W
Teleantioquia( PLP: 104 – T2-MI,3887 L )leftSES-6 @ 40.5° W
Teleantioquia Go( PLP: 104 – T2-MI,3887 L )leftSES-6 @ 40.5° W
Canal Trece ( PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L 5453 3/4 )new SRSES-6 @ 40.5° W
Canal Trece+ ( PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L 5453 3/4 )new SRSES-6 @ 40.5° W

What do these changes mean for viewers?

If you receive your television channels through the SES-6 satellite in South America, you may be affected by these updates. Here’s what you might need to do:

  • Rescan channels: For channels with the “left” notation (ESPN Peru, ESPN 3 Andina, Teleantioquia, Teleantioquia Go), a rescan will likely be necessary to pick up the updated signal information. Your satellite receiver should have a built-in rescan function, consult your receiver’s manual for specific instructions.
  • Adjust dish settings: In some cases, a change in transponder information might require minor adjustments to your satellite dish for optimal signal reception. If you’re comfortable with such adjustments, refer to your dish’s manual or seek assistance from a professional installer.
  • Tune in new channels: For those interested in exploring new content, Canal Trece and Canal Trece+ are fresh additions. Use the provided transponder details (PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L 5453 3/4) to manually add these channels to your receiver if the option is available.

Remember, if you encounter any difficulties with these updates, consulting your satellite service provider or referring to your receiver’s manual for troubleshooting steps might be helpful.

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