Watan TV: Bridging Sports and Entertainment

Watan TV, a prominent television channel in Afghanistan, has carved a niche for itself by providing a diverse range of content to its viewers. From thrilling sports coverage to captivating entertainment, Watan TV has become a household name across the region.

Live Cricket and Beyond

One of Watan TV’s standout features is its extensive live cricket coverage. Whether it’s international matches, leagues, or series, cricket enthusiasts can rely on Watan TV to bring them the action in real-time. The channel’s partnership with international media and production houses ensures that viewers don’t miss a single boundary or wicket.

But Watan TV isn’t limited to cricket alone. It offers a bouquet of programs, including news, dramas, talk shows, and cultural content. Let’s delve into some key aspects of this dynamic channel:

Satellite Availability

Watan TV reaches audiences through satellite transmission, making it accessible not only in Afghanistan but also in neighboring countries. Here are the details of its satellite availability:

  1. Express AM6 Satellite (53.0° East):
    • Frequency: 11570 H
    • Symbol Rate: 1700
    • Polarity: Horizontal
    • FEC: 3/4
    • System: DVB-S MPEG-4
    • Language: English and Pashto
  1. Al Yahsat 1 Satellite (52.5° East):
    • Frequency: 11568 H
    • Symbol Rate: 27500
    • System: DVB-S2/8PSK
  1. GSat 97.3° E Satellite:
    • Frequency: 11500 H
    • Symbol Rate: 2400
    • System: MPEG4 HD
    • FTA (Free-to-Air)

Watan HD Sports

Watan TV’s commitment to sports extends beyond cricket. Its dedicated sports segment, Watan HD Sports, covers a wide range of athletic events. From football to wrestling, viewers can catch their favorite sports stars in action. The channel’s high-definition quality enhances the viewing experience, bringing the stadium atmosphere right into living rooms.

Additional Frequencies

For viewers in Pakistan, Watan TV is available on the following frequencies:

Watan HD on Express AM6 Satellite (52.0°E):

    • Frequency: 10845
    • Polarity: Vertical
    • Symbol Rate: 27500
    • FEC: 2/3


Watan HD 2 on Al Yah 1 Satellite (52.5°E):

    • Frequency: 11570 H
    • Symbol Rate: 1700
    • FEC: 3/4
    • Language: English


Watan TV continues to captivate audiences with its diverse programming, making it a go-to channel for sports enthusiasts, entertainment lovers, and news seekers alike. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite cricket team or enjoying a gripping drama series, Watan TV ensures that there’s something for everyone.

So, tune in to Watan TV and experience the thrill of live sports and the magic of entertainment—all in high definition!

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