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New Channels Take Flight: Abaantu, Al-Askari, and Al-Jawad Launch on Nilesat and Eutelsat

Three new satellite channels have joined the broadcast landscape: Abaantu Satellite Network, Al-Askari TV, and Al-Jawad TV. These channels are now beaming their programs across the Middle East and North Africa on both Nilesat and Eutelsat satellites, offering viewers a wider range of programming options.

Details about the new channels are still emerging, but their names offer some clues about their potential content. Abaantu, a word of Bantu origin often meaning “humanity” or “people,” suggests a channel with a focus on human interest stories or cultural programming. Al-Askari and Al-Jawad, both Arabic names, could indicate channels with religious or educational content.

Technical Details:

Satellites: Nilesat 301 @ 7.0° W
Abaantu Satellite Network back On
11804 H 27500 5/6
Satellites: Eutelsat 7 West A @ 7.3° W
Al-Askari TV & Al-Jawad TV started On
10727 H 27500 7/8

The specific programming offered by these new channels remains to be seen. However, their launch on both Nilesat and Eutelsat, two of the most widely used satellite platforms in the region, suggests they aim to reach a broad audience.

Viewers interested in exploring these new offerings can tune in to the Nilesat and Eutelsat satellite frequencies once they are officially announced. Stay tuned for further updates on the programming and content focus of Abaantu Satellite Network, Al-Askari TV, and Al-Jawad TV.

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