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Channel Shakeup on Astra 3B & 3C Satellites at 23.5°E

Channel Shakeup on Astra 3B & 3C Satellites at 23.5°E

Viewers tuning into the Astra 3B & 3C satellites at 23.5°E have experienced some channel changes recently. Here’s a breakdown of the updates:

New Arrivals:

  • Muzsika TV: This channel likely caters to Hungarian viewers, potentially offering music programming.
  • M2 (Magyar 2): Another Hungarian channel, M2 could bring a variety of content depending on its programming focus.
  • TV Doma: This channel appears to have simulcast feeds across two transponders on Astra 3B and 3C. Unfortunately, without further information, it’s difficult to determine the specific content offered by TV Doma.


  • Epic Drama: This channel previously offered historical dramas to viewers, but it’s no longer available on the Astra 3B & 3C satellites.
  • TV 1000 Balkan: This channel catered to viewers in the Balkan region, but it’s also been removed from the satellite lineup.

Additional Notes:

  • To receive these channels, viewers will need a satellite dish pointed towards Astra 3B & 3C at 23.5°E and a satellite receiver compatible with the reported DVB-S2/8PSK modulation and FEC details.

Here is technical information of all updates.

Muzsika TV has started
Epic Drama has left
M2 (Magyar 2) has started
TV 1000 Balkan has left
Satellite: Astra 3B
Transponder: 11817 V 30000
TV Doma started onSatellite: Astra 3B
Transponder: 11856 V 29900
TV Doma also Started onSatellite: Astra 3C
Transponder: 12051 V 29900

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