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9 News Pakistan Now Available on PakSat-1R

9 News Pakistan viewers can now tune in to their favorite news channel on a new satellite platform. According to LyngSat, a website tracking satellite information, 9 News HD began broadcasting on PakSat-1R on March 6, 2024.

Here are the technical details for tuning in to 9 News Pakistan on PakSat-1R:

  • Satellite: PakSat-1R
  • Orbital Position: 38.0°E
  • Frequency: 3745 V (Vertical Polarization)
  • Symbol Rate: 1500
  • FEC: 5/6
  • Modulation: DVB-S2/8PSK
  • Video Format: MPEG-4 HD

The addition of PakSat-1R expands the reach of 9 News Pakistan, potentially allowing more viewers across Pakistan to access their news programming.

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