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Satellite Shakeup: Daystar Departs Astra 2G, Multiple Channels Go Dark on Astra 1L

In a move that could impact viewers across Europe, Daystar TV has ceased broadcasting on the Astra 2G satellite located at 28.2° East. The channel, which typically transmitted on the 11671 H 23000 2/3 (DVB-S2/8PSK) transponder, was no longer available as of yesterday, March 18th, 2024.

This departure coincides with a broader service disruption on the Astra 1L satellite positioned at 19.2° East. Here, a dozen channels have gone dark, including Xplore, Hip Trips!, One Terra, Deluxe Rock, Deluxe Rap, Deluxe Dance by Kontor, Deluxe Flashback, Just Cooking, Just Fishing, Deluxe Lounge, Red Adventure, and Crime Time. These channels all previously utilized the 12699 V 23500 3/4 (DVB-S2/8PSK) transponder on Astra 1L.

The reasons behind these changes remain unclear. Viewers who relied on these channels for their programming will need to seek alternative sources of entertainment. It’s recommended to consult with satellite service providers for updates on potential channel replacements or alternative broadcast options.

This news highlights the dynamic nature of satellite television. As broadcasters make adjustments to their distribution strategies, viewers may occasionally experience disruptions in service. Staying informed about satellite channel updates can help ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of your favorite programs.

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