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Satellite Scramble: A Roundup of Channel Changes on Multiple Satellites

Satellite TV viewers around the world need to stay updated on channel lineups due to frequent changes. This news report summarizes recent channel departures, returns, and updates across several popular satellites:

ABS-2A (74.7° East):

  • Departure: Mosfilm International (11665 V) has vanished from the ABS-2A satellite. This channel showcased classic Russian films produced by the renowned Mosfilm studios. Its absence could be due to a contract expiration or a shift in broadcast strategy by the channel or ABS-2A.

Intelsat 20 (68.5° East):

  • Returns: Intelsat 20 welcomes back a quartet of channels: Khuduga (12634 V), Church Unusual TV (12522 H), GNF TV (12682 V), and Liberation TV Nigeria (12722 V). While details are limited, these returning channels likely cater to specific audiences across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Khuduga and Liberation TV Nigeria might offer regional news coverage, while Church Unusual TV suggests religious programming, and GNF TV could provide entertainment content.

TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat (52° East):

  • Departure: Aryan TV (10762 H) is no longer broadcasting on TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat. This satellite serves viewers in Central Asia and parts of Europe. Aryan TV remains unidentified, but it could have been a local channel focusing on a particular language or cultural content specific to the region.

Nilesat 201 (7.0° West):

  • Departure: Viewers tuning into Nilesat 201 in North Africa and the Middle East won’t find the OSN TV promo channel (11977 V) anymore. OSN, a premium pay-TV network in the region, might be revamping its marketing strategy, leading to the removal of the promo channel.

Eutelsat 8 West B (8.0° West):

  • Arrival: Suboro TV (12688 V) joins the Eutelsat 8 West B satellite lineup, potentially offering new viewing options for viewers in North and West Africa. However, details about Suboro TV’s programming and target audience remain unavailable.

SES-6 (40.5° West):

  • Departures: Several channels have said goodbye to SES-6: ESPN Peru (3876 L), ESPN 3 Andina (3876 L), Teleantioquia (PLP: 104 – T2-MI,3887 L), and Teleantioquia Go (PLP: 104 – T2-MI,3887 L). The departure of ESPN Peru and ESPN 3 Andina suggests a possible change in broadcast rights for these sports channels in the South American region. Teleantioquia and Teleantioquia Go could be local Colombian channels focusing on news or regional content, but their absence indicates a loss of viewing options for some viewers.
  • Update: Canal Trece (PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L) and Canal Trece+ (PLP: 103 – T2-MI,4000 L) haven’t left, but they’ve undergone a technical update. These channels will now utilize a new symbol rate (SR) of 5453 3/4 for transmission.

Remember, keeping an eye on satellite channel updates ensures you don’t miss out on your favorite programs or discover new and exciting viewing options.

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