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New Sindhi News and Entertainment Channels Take to the Skies on Paksat

Exciting news for viewers in Pakistan, particularly those in Sindh! Two new channels, Channel 11 (Sindhi) and 92 Entertainment, have begun test transmissions on the Paksat 1R satellite.

This marks an expansion in the Pakistani media landscape, specifically for Sindhi-language programming. While established networks like 92 HD News and 92 HD Entertainment have a strong presence, the arrival of Channel 11 (Sindhi) offers viewers a fresh perspective and potentially caters to a more specific Sindhi audience.

About the Channels

  • Channel 11 (Sindhi): This new channel will presumably focus on delivering news and current affairs content in the Sindhi language. The specific details about its programming are yet to be revealed, but it has the potential to become a valuable source of information for Sindhi speakers across Pakistan.
  • 92 Entertainment: This channel most likely falls under the umbrella of the popular 92 HD Entertainment network, known for its focus on entertainment programming. With the test transmission on Paksat, viewers can expect a wider reach for their favorite shows and entertainment content.

92 HD Network

The 92 HD network is a prominent Pakistani media group encompassing two main channels:

  • 92 HD News: This channel delivers news and current affairs programming in Urdu, keeping viewers updated on local and international developments.
  • 92 HD Entertainment: As mentioned earlier, this channel offers a variety of entertainment shows, catering to diverse tastes and interests.

Paksat 1R

Paksat 1R is a Pakistani communications satellite that broadcasts television channels, radio stations, and other communication signals. The addition of Channel 11 (Sindhi) and 92 Entertainment to its transponder expands the range of programming available to viewers who access content through Paksat.

Technical Details

For those interested in the technical aspects of the transmissions, here are the details provided:

  • Satellite: Paksat 1R
  • Transponder: 3740 V 7200 3/5
  • Standard: DVB-S2/8PSK

Looking Ahead

The test transmissions mark the beginning of a new chapter for Sindhi viewers and Pakistani entertainment in general. With Channel 11 (Sindhi) joining the scene, viewers will have more options for Sindhi-language content. We await further announcements about the official launch and programming details of both channels.

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