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Multiple BBC Channels Disappear from Intelsat 901 Satellite

Viewers tuning in to the Intelsat 901 satellite at 27.5° W will encounter a significant change in their channel lineup. Effective immediately, a large number of popular channels have ceased broadcasting on transponder 11495 V.

BBC Channels No Longer Available:

  • BBC One Yorkshire: Bringing local news and programming to Yorkshire and the North Midlands, BBC One Yorkshire is a trusted source for regional content.
  • BBC One Wales: Delivering news, documentaries, and entertainment tailored to the Welsh audience, BBC One Wales is a cornerstone of Welsh broadcasting.
  • BBC One Scotland: For Scottish viewers, BBC One Scotland provided a platform for local stories and a connection to their communities.
  • BBC One Northern Ireland: Highlighting the news, culture, and events of Northern Ireland, BBC One Northern Ireland catered to the specific interests of its viewers.
  • BBC One North East & Cumbria: Serving the North East of England and Cumbria, BBC One North East & Cumbria offered regional news and programming.

Other Channels Exiting the Lineup:

  • BBC Two: The flagship channel for documentaries, dramas, and comedy shows across the UK, BBC Two is a favorite among many viewers.
  • BBC Two England: Focused on content specifically produced for an English audience, BBC Two England complemented the broader programming of BBC Two.
  • BBC Three: Aimed at a younger demographic, BBC Three offered online content alongside a limited selection of shows on television.
  • BBC Four: Dedicated to arts, culture, and specialist documentaries, BBC Four provided a unique viewing experience.
  • BBC News UK: For viewers seeking the latest national and international news, BBC News UK was a reliable source of information.

Additional Departures:

The channel shakeup also affects other popular options, including BBC Parliament, BBC Red Button, Channel 4 London, Channel 5 UK, CBBC, CBeebies UK, ITV, 5Select, and TBN UK.

Reason for Change Unknown

The reason behind the removal of these channels from the Intelsat 901 satellite is not currently known. Viewers who relied on these channels for their news and entertainment will need to seek alternative ways to access them. It is possible that the channels may become available on a different satellite or streaming service in the future.

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