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KazSat 2 Expands Channel Offerings with New Transponders

KazSat 2, a satellite operated by JSC KazSat positioned at 86.5° East, has recently undergone an update, bringing a wave of new channels to viewers. This expansion caters to a wider range of interests, offering informative news, engaging entertainment, and captivating sports programming.

Fresh Lineup on Transponder 1 (11664 V 5900 9/10 DVB-S2/8PSK):

  • KTK: A prominent Kazakh news channel, delivering local and international headlines.
  • Perviy Kanal Eurasia: Bringing the latest news and current affairs from Russia, with a +3 hour time shift.
  • Mir (+3h): A popular international channel offering a mix of informative programs, documentaries, and entertainment.
  • 31 Kanal: A Kazakh channel known for its diverse programming, including news, talk shows, and documentaries.
  • NTK: Another Kazakh channel offering a variety of content, such as news, cultural programs, and entertainment shows.
  • Almaty TV: A regional channel focusing on news, events, and programs relevant to the Almaty region.

Transponder 2 (11674 V 5500 5/6 DVB-S2/8PSK) Provides Entertainment and Sports:

  • Qazaqstan TV: The national television channel of Kazakhstan, offering a comprehensive selection of news, cultural programs, and entertainment.
  • Balapan: A dedicated children’s channel featuring educational and entertaining content for young viewers.
  • Jibek Joly: A channel catering to women’s interests, with programs on fashion, lifestyle, and family-oriented content.
  • 24KZ: A news channel providing continuous updates on local and international events.
  • Astana TV: The official channel of the Kazakh capital, Astana, showcasing city life, cultural events, and informative programs.
  • Sedmoi Kanal: A popular entertainment channel offering a variety of shows, including comedies, dramas, and reality TV.
  • El Arna: A channel dedicated to traditional Kazakh culture, showcasing music, art, and historical documentaries.
  • Altai: A regional channel focusing on news and events relevant to the Altai region.
  • QazSport: The premier destination for sports fans in Kazakhstan, broadcasting live sporting events and sports-related programs.
  • Abai TV: A channel dedicated to the works of Abai Qunanbayuly, a prominent Kazakh poet and philosopher.

Transponder Details:

TransponderFrequency (MHz)Symbol Rate (MS/s)FECModulationChannels
TP 111664 V59009/10DVB-S2/8PSKKTK, Perviy Kanal Eurasia, Mir (+3h), 31 Kanal, NTK, Almaty TV
TP 211674 V55005/6DVB-S2/8PSKQazaqstan TV, Balapan, Jibek Joly, 24KZ, Astana TV, Sedmoi Kanal, El Arna, Altai, QazSport, Abai TV

With this update, KazSat 2 offers a more diverse and engaging selection of channels, catering to a wider audience in Kazakhstan and beyond.

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