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Eleven New Channels Beam Onto Eutelsat 7B Satellite

A range of new channels targeting Farsi-speaking audiences have launched on the Eutelsat 7B satellite, offering viewers in the region a wider selection of entertainment and content.

Eutelsat 7B, positioned at 7° East, is a popular satellite used by viewers across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. The new channels utilize the DVB-S/QPSK transmission standard on transponder frequency 11262 H (Horizontal polarization) with a symbol rate of 27500 and FEC (Forward Error Correction) of 2/3.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new channels:

  • 4Music: While the details of the channel’s content on this specific transponder are unclear, typically 4Music offers music videos and music-related programming.
  • Classic TV (Persian): This channel likely focuses on classic television shows dubbed in Farsi.
  • Maah TV Persian: Details on Maah TV’s programming are unavailable, but the channel name suggests content targeting a Persian audience.
  • Meta Film: This channel could potentially showcase movies and other film-related content.
  • Persiana Cinema: The name suggests a channel dedicated to Iranian and Persian cinema.
  • Persiana Junior: This channel likely caters to a younger Farsi-speaking audience with children’s programming.
  • Persiana Korea: The name hints at content combining elements of Persian and Korean cultures, possibly dramas or entertainment shows.
  • PMC: The meaning of PMC in this context is unclear, so the channel’s content remains unknown.
  • T2 Tapesh: T2 Tapesh could be a channel focusing on documentaries or educational content.
  • TFN Farsi: TFN likely stands for “Teleshom Farda Network,” a Farsi-language broadcaster.
  • Your Time TV: Details on this channel’s programming are unavailable.

With this influx of new channels, Farsi-speaking viewers on the Eutelsat 7B satellite now have a broader selection of entertainment options, including music, classic TV shows, movies, and potentially content aimed at younger audiences and those interested in Korean culture.

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