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Channel Updates on Various Satellites: New Arrivals and Departures

This update provides information about changes to channel availability on several satellites across Asia and Europe.

New Additions:

  • G-Sat 9 (97.3° E):
    • Srilanka Travel (11232 V 4444 3/4): This channel showcases travel destinations and cultural experiences within Sri Lanka.
    • NTV Bangladesh (11232 V 4444 3/4): A Bangladeshi news channel offering national and international coverage.
    • Manoranjan Grand (11232 V 4444 3/4): Details unavailable, but likely an entertainment channel based on the name (“Manoranjan” translates to “entertainment” in Hindi).


  • G-Sat 9 (97.3° E):
    • BBS TV Bhutan (11232 V 4444 3/4): Bhutanese national television channel. No longer available on G-Sat 9.
    • BBS Channel 3 (11232 V 4444 3/4): Another Bhutanese channel, possibly a sub-channel of BBS TV Bhutan. No longer available on G-Sat 9.
    • Kuzoo FM Dzongkha 104.0 card (11232 V 4444 3/4): Radio station broadcasting in Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan. No longer available on G-Sat 9.
    • Kuzoo FM English 105.0 card (11232 V 4444 3/4): Radio station broadcasting in English. No longer available on G-Sat 9.
  • Amos 4 (65° E):
    • Sony Sports Ten 5 (Dish Home, 10790 V 45000 1/2): Sports channel, likely part of the Dish Home package in India. No longer available on Amos 4.
  • Eutelsat 3B (3.1° E):
    • Amen TV Sat (4028 L): Details unavailable, but likely a religious channel based on the name. No longer available on Eutelsat 3B.
  • Türksat 4A (42° E):
    • Film Screen (D-Smart, 12188 V 27500 5/6): Details unavailable. May be a movie channel offered by the D-Smart platform in Turkey. Still available on Türksat 4A.
    • FilmBox Plus Türkiye (D-Smart, 12188 V 27500 5/6): Movie channel focusing on Turkish cinema, likely part of the D-Smart package. No longer available on Türksat 4A.
  • New Additions:
    • Eutelsat 7 West A (7.3° W):
      • Al Arrab (10815 H 27500 7/8): Details unavailable.
    • Eutelsat 8 West B (8.0° W):
      • Nahr Anil (12688 V 27500 3/4): Details unavailable.

Technical Details:

The information in the update includes the channel name, satellite location, transponder details (frequency, polarization, symbol rate, and FEC), and whether the channel is a new addition or departure. This information allows viewers with satellite dishes to tune in to the new channels or adjust their reception for any changes.

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