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Attention Satellite TV Viewers: Channel Updates Announced!

Several exciting changes are coming to your satellite viewing experience! Here’s a rundown of the latest channel updates:

  • New Options for Mandarin and Mongolian Programming: Fans of content from Inner Mongolia can rejoice! Nei Monggol TV and Nei Monggol Chinese TV have found a new home on ChinaSat 10 @ 110.5° E.
  • Shandong Education TV Gets an Upgrade: Viewers in Shandong Province, China, can expect improved reception as Shandong Education TV upgrades its mode and symbol rate on ChinaSat 10 @ 110.5° E.
  • Catch the Latest Global News in English: EuroNews English has expanded its reach, now broadcasting on AsiaSat 5 @ 100.5° E. Stay informed about international developments with this popular channel.
  • Religious Broadcasts on the Move: Omega Power Ministries’ OPM TV has adjusted its FEC on NigComSat-1R @ 42.5° E. This ensures a smoother viewing experience for their followers.
  • Welcome Back H3 TV!: Horizon 3 TV (H3 TV) is back up and running on AzerSpace 1 @ 46° E.
  • New Additions on Eutelsat 3B: Get ready for fresh content! GNTV Uganda, TV West, and Urban TV have all joined the Eutelsat 3B satellite lineup at 3.1° E.

For detailed information on frequencies, symbol rates, and transponders, please refer to the table below.

Table: Channel Update Details

ChannelSatelliteFrequency (MHz)Symbol Rate (MS/s)FECTransponder
Nei Monggol TV & Nei Monggol Chinese TVChinaSat 10 @ 110.5° E3820 V150003/4New Frequency
Shandong Education TVChinaSat 10 @ 110.5° E3834 V43403/4New Mode & Symbol Rate
EuroNews EnglishAsiaSat 5 @ 100.5° E4040 H297205/6Started
OPM TV (Omega Power Ministries)NigComSat-1R @ 42.5° E3672 L10552/3New FEC
H3 TV (Horizon 3)AzerSpace 1 @ 46° E3812 H19833/4Back on Satellite
GNTV Uganda, TV West & Urban TVEutelsat 3B @ 3.1° E3914 R137253/4Started

Now, here are short descriptions of each channel:

  1. Nei Monggol TV: Nei Monggol TV is a regional television channel that covers news, cultural programs, and entertainment content specific to Inner Mongolia.
  2. Nei Monggol Chinese TV: Nei Monggol Chinese TV is a Chinese-language channel catering to the population of Inner Mongolia, providing news, talk shows, and entertainment programs in Mandarin.
  3. Shandong Education TV: Shandong Education TV is an educational channel aimed at providing learning resources and informative content for the residents of Shandong province.
  4. EuroNews English: EuroNews English is an international news channel delivering news, analysis, and features from a European perspective to global audiences in English.
  5. OPM TV: OPM TV, or Omega Power Ministries TV, is a religious channel offering Christian programming including sermons, teachings, and religious events associated with the Omega Power Ministries.
  6. H3 TV: H3 TV, also known as Horizon 3 TV, is a general entertainment channel offering a variety of programs including movies, series, and lifestyle content.
  7. GNTV Uganda: GNTV Uganda is a general entertainment channel providing a mix of local and international content including movies, music, and cultural programs tailored to Ugandan audiences.
  8. TV West: TV West is a regional television channel focusing on news, events, and cultural happenings specifically in western Uganda.
  9. Urban TV: Urban TV is a lifestyle and entertainment channel targeting urban audiences, featuring music, fashion, celebrity news, and other related content.

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