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Tandberg Keys 14th September 2017 Update

These Tandberg keys have found today and are working fine. channels names, tp and satellite detail and tandberg keys are mentioned below.

T D0 01 E5D634A2203E0201 ; 103W-4120-H 132_GRIT
T D1 01 5E75266EB540FB01 ; 103W-4120-H 133_Escape
T D2 01 89CEAD3140CE1001 ; 103W-4120-H 135_LAFF
T D3 01 45E0B64F9D492501 ; 103W-4120-H 136_GetTV-Dish
T D4 01 BC75168670CE0701 ; 103W-4120-H 137_JUSTICE


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