Satellite TV Updates

Osan, Aden, Sanaa, Rushd, KSA vision & Al Nashama left

Badr-4/5/6/7 @ 26° East

12034 H 27500 5/6

All following channels left

Aden TV
Sanaa TV
Rushd TV
KSA Vision 2030
Al Nashama Promo

badr sat

Badr is a series of satellites operated by Pakistan. The first satellite Badr-1, was launched in July 1990.

It was the first SUPARCO engineered object to orbit the Earth. That launch took place on July 16, 1990 as part of the International Frequency Registration Bureau. The Urdu language word “Badr”, literally means “Full Moon”, and its launch vehicle was Chinese Long March 2 space rocket Long March 2E.

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