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GTRK Yamal & Lumberjack HD left from Yamal 401

Yamal 401 @ 90° East

GTRK Yamal & Lumberjack HD left from following paramaters.

11580 H

GTRK Package

Russia-1 (Russian: ??????-1) is a state-owned Russian television channel founded in 1991. It belongs to the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK). Russia Channel was previously known as RTR (Russian: ???). Russia-1 has the second largest audience in Russian television. In a typical week, it is viewed by 75% of urban Russians, compared to 83% for the leading channel, Channel One. The two channels are similar in their politics, and they compete directly in entertainment.  Russia-1 has many regional variations and broadcasts in many languages.


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