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WWE WrestleMania Feed & Biss 28-03-17

Here is today’s feed of WWE WrestleMania.

GlobeCast 1
4164 H 6600
Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 East
CW: 03 27 EE 18 EE 20 17 25

WrestleMania 28-03

WWE’s flagship brand, Raw, presented its final episode of television before WrestleMania and I was fortunate enough to be in the building to witness it in person.

That’s right, WWE played before a packed house at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and presented what I thought was a solid edition of television.

This week’s episode didn’t feel like WWE was barreling down the homestretch on the road to WrestleMania, but it did not feel like WWE was inching along either.

The show was nowhere near stellar, but it wasn’t an embarrassment that WWE should instantly strike from its history books. It was a decent outing.

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