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WWE Smackdown Feed biss 12 April

WWE Smackdown Wrestling Feed found Today on 12 April 2017, it is biss key and technical information is here.

Asiasat @ 100.5E
4166 H 6600
ID: GlobeCast 1
WWE Smackdown
CW: 04 11 EE 03 EE 20 17 25
(English and Spanish commentary)

wwe smackdown 12 april

Smackdown has made a huge start to the ‘superstar shake-up’ by making 12 signings from RAW.

U.S. Champion Kevin Owens made arguably the biggest impact on his first night on his new show after claiming he could beat ‘anyone in the locker room’.

He was then confronted by Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and, also making the move from RAW, his old foe Sami Zayn.

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