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Neko TV and Rete Capri left from Express AM44

Neko TV, Rete Capri and Rete Capri 2 left from following paramaters.

Express-AM44 @ 11° West

11565 H 8000 3/4

neko tv

NekoTV was a ‘ broadcaster Italian aired from 2011 , visible on DTT within the television multiplex Alpha (and until 2012 also in mux Omega available in some parts of Italy) with LCN 45. The channel was dedicated to Japanese culture and fantastic imagery: has aired some animated series and TV series and especially music videos, informative and tutorial. However, from June 2015 , transmits almost exclusively telesales, side by side, in a mainly night time, from video loop and in perpetual replication programs. In his lifetime he has alternated several times low definition and standard definition . The network name refers to that of the Japanese auspicious cat, Maneki neko , also present in the channel logo.

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