LTV Ethiopia Latest TP Frequency on NSS 2021

LTV Ethiopia Latest TP Frequency on NSS 2021


LTV Ethiopia is an Ethiopian satellite TV channel owned and started by Gemechis Buba. It was created for the purpose of spreading the Ethiopian culture to the world through its programming and to fill the lack of private channels in Ethiopia

LTV Ethiopia New Frequency on NSS 12 at 57.0°East Working TP 2021
Channel Name
LTV Ethiopia
NSS 12 at 57.0°East
11105 H 45000 2/3
Today December 27/12/2020


LTV Ethiopia was launched in June 2016. After several month of test broadcasting, regular programming commenced in the spring of 2017. Soon after launching, LTV was named as one of the four channels implicated by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority for operating in the country without a proper local license.

  •     LTV Show – Interviews of prominent Ethiopians
  •     Made in Ethiopia – showcasing the best in Ethiopian creation
  •     LTV News – New Program focused on the current events
  •     Ethio Planet – Documentary style nature program
  •     Niud
  •     Let’s go with Meti – travel program hosted by Meti
  •     Lebamoch
  •     Diplomacy
  •     Wedefit

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