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Irib Irankala started on Badr & Intelsat 902

Irib Irankala started on following paramaters.

Badr-4/5/6/7 @ 26° East Intelsat 902 @ 62° East
11881 H 27500 5/6
11555 V 30000 3/4

irib tv

IRIB TV1  is one of the 40 national television channels in Iran.

IRIB TV1 was the first national television channel in Iran, and is now the oldest Iranian television channel having been established in 1958. The channel is referred to by some as the National Channel, as most of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s television budget is set aside for this channel.

The channel has a wide range of programming such as children’s shows, dramas, major Iranian movies, and talk shows. The channel also has the most watched Iranian news broadcast, and televises the Friday prayers. IRIB TV1 also televised major sporting events until IRIB TV3 came along and attained the rights for those broadcasts, as well as a large number of viewers.

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