Ice hockey feeds biss keys – 3 June 2017

Ice hockey feeds biss keys found today.

11176 H 9872 HD 4:2:0
CW: A0 88 60 88 33 00 0B 3E

New regarding Ice hockey:

Police raid ice hockey club Dynamo Moscow

MOSCOW – Ice hockey club Dynamo Moscow said on Friday it was struck by police, the most recent curve in an astringent disagreement regarding its funds.

Officers from a hostile to extortion and defilement squad arrived late Thursday at Dynamo’s workplaces and seized money related reports, the club said.

As indicated by the club, the strike was incited by an affirmation of theft by a worker of the club’s preparation base, made in a letter by a senior official of the Dynamo sports society. The general public claims the club and has been in debate with its administration.

The club said it was collaborating with police, yet proposed the debasement objection was being utilized as “a methods for putting weight” on the club.

Dynamo was as of not long ago one of Russia’s top hockey groups with sponsorship from very rich person previous club president Arkady Rotenberg, and won the Kontinental Hockey League in 2012 and 2013.

Since Rotenberg left in 2015, the club has encountered money deficiencies, and relations with the Dynamo games society’s initiative have turned out to be tense.

A month ago, society head Vladimir Strzhalkovsky revealed to Russian media the club piled on unpaid liabilities of around 2 billion rubles ($35 million).

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