Satellite TV Updates

HLN Asia, INS Africa, CNN International Europe on SES-4

SES-4 @ 22° West

it is a new frequency have started on the satellite.

4178 R 23500 3/4

CNN International Europe Package

CNN International Europe
INS Africa
HLN Asia (Head Line News Asia)
CNN International Europe HD

CNN International (CNNI), basically alluded to on the station as CNN, is a universal 24-hour English dialect link, satellite, IPTV and computerized earthbound TV slot that is claimed by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. The channel conveys news, current issues, governmental issues, sports, feelings, components and business programming around the world; it participates with parent system CNN’s national and global news agencies. Dissimilar to its sister station, CNN, a US-just digital TV benefit which is generally communicate from CNN studios at the Time Warner Center in New York City on weekdays and CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of the week, CNN International is carried on an assortment of TV stages over the world, and for the most part communicate from studios outside the US, in London, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

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