Corona (Covid-19) Historical data

Nobody really knows when will COVID-19 stop. However, here is an idea that I would like to propose based on my personal experience.

Today, I was on a call with a close relative of mine. She told me that some of their relatives from different localities have assembled at her home, playing cards to socialize and pass time during the lockdown.

Now, obviously, it is an extremely wrong thing to do because it defeats the whole purpose of a lockdown and puts everyone else at risk. If this continues, we won’t be able to control the spread of the disease.

On further talking to her, I realized that she and her family hardly have any knowledge about COVID-19 and how it spreads. I had a long 20-minute call with her where I explained to her why social distancing is important, why an overwhelmed healthcare system is the reason for deaths in Italy and why her actions are putting their parents and children at a huge risk.

She realized that she was completely unaware of any such COVID-19 prevention measures. All she knew was it is just another flu-like disease that won’t impact her much. She has requested me to spend time explaining her family the same thing tomorrow.