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WWE FEEDS 21Dec – Globecast 1 – 4166H

Only this one wwe wrestling feed has found today, which produced by Globalcast (a satellite services provider).

Asiasat @ 100.5E
ID: Globecast 1
4166 H 6600
CW: 12 20 EE 20 EE 20 16 24

Recent news about Globalcast company.


The demo — delivery multiple signals from a French League one soccer match between Bastia and Bordeaux, from that programming was then created remotely — happened on thirty November, and also the 2 companies say that their giving turns the construct of the normal provide of a ready-to-broadcast feed from venues on its head.

Images from 5 dedicated cameras and their associated signals — CCU, tally, communication system — were sent from the Bastia arena in Corsica to the Imagina France production truck in Boulogne, near Paris. This acted as central production unit wherever the director and his team operated. Signal transport was provided by Globecast via a 1Gbps link, with a complete latency of 100ms in JPEG2000 and 350ms in H.264.

By demonstrating the practicableness of a completely remote production of a serious sporting event from a location with sturdy technical and logistic constraints, Globecast and Imagina France claim that they need proved that it’s attainable to produce the market with prepacked or tailored solutions that meet content providers’ wants, which permitting live programmes to be created remotely from places wherever events occur often can open new potentialities for broadcasters and rights holders.

Moreover, it asserts that providing multiple raw feeds facilitates the assembly of heterogeneous content with the supply of multiple sources at a central production website permits the assembly of a spread of programme formats of an equivalent event at lower price, that optimises substantiation.

“The success of this initial demonstration in France confirms our want to develop our services to assist our customers face market pressures whereas conjointly providing innovative content,” same Michele Gosetti, France sales director and world contribution operations at Globecast. “Remote production is Associate in Nursing exciting approach that offers them the chance to supply versatile and efficient content.”

Added Imagina France general director Jérémie Roudaire: “With this project we have a tendency to needed to point out what we have a tendency to believe to be the long run of mobile video in France and to supply our customers, with the assistance of Globecast, new solutions. Indeed, we’ve developed expertise of operating this manner in Spain wherever Mediapro cluster produces a median of 10 matches per day of l. a. Liga Santander in port from forty stadiums everywhere the country.”

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