Why HUM TV is not available free from last few days ?

From last few days most of users of unable to watch the Pakistan’s No.1 drama channel Hum TV.

Recently Hum TV announced about the upgradation of Hum TV into high defination broadcasting and after some days a new channel was added on the transponder of Hum TV Network on Paksat 1R satellite. After this edition they converted Hum TV into high defination broadcasting and made a SD copy of HD channel and it was available on the previous position of channel but they also ran a ticker where they were informing about the paramaters of new Hum TV HD channel, But after few days they stopped the broadcasting of Hum TV SD (standard defination) channel infact which was a sd copy of Hum TV HD.

Hum TV was available from different types of sources such as Free Satellite TV System, Cable TV in Pakistan, Dish TV Srilanka and from other sources which are avallable in Middle East, Europe and USA.

In Pakistan there were 3 sources to produce broadcasting of Hum TV

Pakistan Cable TV Operating Service, Dish TV Srilanka and FTA Satellite Dish TV System

Most iporting thing is this that Hum TV is not only converted into HD broadcast but also it has encrypted due to only authorized service providers can avail it, So from now it is only available from Pakistan Cable TV System, becuase Hum TV broadcasting team have give these Hum TV boxes to Cable TV Operators which are registered by the PEMRA.

Users who were getting Hum TV from Dish TV Srilanka DTH and from FTA Satellite TV System are now unable to get the service of Hum TV HD. Hum TV’s standard defination service is closed from last few days which was the only way that any one were re-broadcasting it.

Satellite Technical Paramaters of Hum TV Network

Satellite Paksat 1R @ 38 East
Transponder 3845 V 14400 3/5
TV Channels:
Hum TV  Stopped Now
Masala TV FTA Channel
Hum Sitaray FTA Channel
Hum TV Mena Encrypted Channel
Hum TV HD HD & Encrypted Channel
Hum TV Feeds Encrypted Feed


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