VTV HD & Gol TV HD PowerVU Keys

gol tv

GOL TV is an American TV sports channel dedicated to soccer owned by GOLTV Inc., based in North Bay Village, Florida. The network broadcasts the German Bundesliga and the Uruguayan and Brazilian leagues. GOL TV is totally bilingual: all programs are broadcast in both English and Spanish. In some areas subscribers receive both audio feeds and can choose which one to hear using the Secondary audio program (SAP) feature on their television receivers.

vtv hd

VTV HD & Gol TV HD (40.5°W) Keys
SES 6 (40.5°W)
4065 R 12500 3/4

P 0011 00 437DD3B2A0A6D5
P 0011 01 466B3B814138E1
P 0013 00 437DD3B2A0A6D5
P 0013 01 466B3B814138E1
P 0017 00 437DD3B2A0A6D5
P 0017 01 466B3B814138E1
P 005E9E93 00 A78B992C6C86DB ;EMM Key
P 005D1896 00 339DDA82ADB558 ;EMM Key

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