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Volleyball Feeds – Bel Vs Mod – Ljubljana VS U Craiova

11078 V 7200 3/4 4:2:2
ID: POL 040
Bel Vs Mod
CW: B8 C9 1D 9E 5C F6 35 87


11088 V 7200 3/4 4:2:0
ACH Volley – Ljubljana VS U Craiova
CW: B2 62 B5 C9 CA 6E 41 79

Volley ACH Volley from 18.00 Stožice play another match of this year’s Champions League. Their rival, the Romanian champions, the players of Craiova.

As he says the coach of Ljubljana Zoran Keda?i? is Craiova team, worthy of all respect. This is evidenced by the outcome of the first cycle in which the Romanians with 3: 1 ugnali Polish Skra Belchatow and thereby prepare even bigger surprise than the point has been Slovenian champion on tour in Modena (3: 2).

ACH is the Saturday derby National Championship smoothly with 0: 3 beat Calcit Volleyball. This will be at 19.00 in Šempeter in the Savinja Valley in the return match the first round of the CEV Cup hosted Tours. The French first encounter came with 3: 1.

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