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Internet search engines collect trending topics and searches by employing various methods to gather and analyze user data. The process involves monitoring the search queries entered by users and identifying patterns and spikes in search volume.

Here's a brief overview of how search engines collect trending topics and searches:

Search Query Data: When users enter search queries into a search engine, these queries are stored and analyzed. By aggregating and analyzing this data, search engines can identify popular and trending topics based on the frequency of certain search terms or phrases.

Real-Time Monitoring: Search engines continuously monitor search activity in real time. They analyze the rate of searches for specific keywords or topics to detect sudden increases or spikes in search volume. This helps identify rapidly trending topics.

Social Media Monitoring: Search engines also monitor social media platforms for trending discussions and hashtags. By analyzing social media data, search engines can identify popular topics and gauge their level of public interest.

News Monitoring: Search engines track news articles and headlines from various sources. By analyzing the frequency of specific news topics and articles, they can determine the current trends and popular subjects.

Location-Based Data: Search engines consider the location of users when collecting trending topics. By analyzing search queries based on geographical regions, they can provide country-specific trends and searches. This enables search engines to offer localized and relevant information.

Based on these methods, search engines can compile lists of trending topics and searches. These trends can be presented in real-time dashboards or incorporated into search engine results pages, enabling users to stay informed about the latest news, events, and popular subjects across different countries.