Turksat and Yahsat Updates 21DEC

Türksat 3A/4A @ 42° East

TRT Çocuk HD have started on
11054 V 30000
TRT HD was the second High definition channel of TRT after TRT 3 HD. It was launched on 24 May 2010. It broadcasts events such as the Eurovision Song Contest in HD.

Yahsat-1A @ 52.5° East

PMC HD has started on 
11900 H 27500

Launched on the 9th of May 2003, PMC has the passion and vision necessary to give Iranian youth a new voice. PMC is at the forefront of Iranian media and continues to expand its boundaries in content as well as coverage. PMC has remained a cornerstone in Iranian entertainment media for close to a decade now.

With round-the-clock programming and a playlist that encompasses several popular musical genres, and unique blend of Persian, Arabic, and Western, PMC MUSIC has been able extend its reach to an ever-expanding fan base. It’s cutting edge style has rapidly made it the most popular television channel in Iran.

PMC represents an exciting new era in entertainment for Iranian youth. PMC is the first free-to-air satellite TV channel that directly and dynamically responds to the current needs of the younger generation of Iran.

PMC broadcasts on the Hot-bird satellite for Iran, Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Latest research estimates indicate that PMC is available on 11 million receivers in Iran alone.

With an international outreach, spanning the Middle East and Europe, regardless of where you are, PMC remains the channel to tune into to access the best in Iranian music programming.

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