Satellite TV Updates

Tippmix info 1,2,3 & Tippmix elo 1,2 started on Amos 2

Amos 2/3/7 @ 4° West

Tippmix info 1,2,3 & Tippmix elo 1,2 started on

11567 H 15000 2/3


The TVS Television Network, or TVS for short, is a syndicator of American sports programming. It was one of several “occasional” national television networks that sprang up in the early-to-mid-1960s to take advantage of the establishment of independent (mostly UHF) television stations and relaxation of the AT&T Long Lines usage rates.

Today, the network continues to distribute programming via TV, home video, and the Web in North and South America. The Copyright Group distributes TVS internationally. They have also returned to Las Vegas, shooting new versions of The Hollywood Palace at the Plaza Casino Hotel. It also distributes broadcasts of the Orlando Citrus Parade.

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