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PTV’s Tele School started regular transmission on Paksat 1R

Tele School is a educational channel was launched about one week ago and the old PTV’s satellite Feed PTV K_lat was replaced with Tele School channel. From today Tele School has started regular porgrams.

The New TELE SCHOOL Channel by Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) will air educational programmes in collaboration with Ministry of Higher Education & Professional Training.

This PTV Tele school channel will mostly play content from 2 pm-6 pm covering grades 9-12 for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Computer Science, General Math, and General Science.

The technical detail of this new channel is mentioned below.

Satellite Frequency Polarity Symbole Rate Channel Name
Paksat 1R/MM 1 @ 38° East 4052 Vertical 5185 Tele School

Other 4 educational channels in Pakistan are owned by Virtual University Network.

  1. VTV 1
  2. VTV 2
  3. VTV 3
  4. VTv 4

These channels are also available on same satellite Paksat 1R/MM 1 @ 38° East.

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