Satellite TV Updates

Pantelio package have started on Belintersat-1

) / ChinaSat 15 @ 51.5° East 

Note transponder and channels detail of pantelio package.

11290 H 45000 5/6

RTV 1 Slovakia TV Barrandov
RTV 2 Slovakia Spektrum TV International
TV Joj Viasat History
TV Markíza Viasat Explorer
TV Doma Nat Geo Wild Europe
Joj Plus Discovery Channel CZ
TV Dajto Discovery Science
TA 3 Animal Planet
TV Lux The Fishing and Hunting Channel
RiK History
Prima TV CBS Reality
Prima COOL JimJam Europe
Prima LOVE Disney Channel Czechia
TV Nova HBO HD Czechia
Nova Cinema Pantelio Info
Nova 2

11350 H 45000 5/6

TV Central CS Film (12-00 Cet)
TV9 Horror Film (00-06 Cet)
Ócko TV FilmBox Central Europe
Prima ZOOM TV Paprika
Prima Comedy Central Mnam TV
Šlágr TV Eurosport 2
TV Noe Nova Sport
Nova International Sport 1 Czechia
CT:D (Decko) HD (06-20 CET) 213 Sport
CT:art HD (20-06 CET) Minimax Czechia (06-20)
Test 02 Nickelodeon Europe
Test 03 Test 01
Viasat Nature East MTV Music
Film Europe Channel TV Retro
AMC Central Europe TV Rebel
AXN Czechia Test 04
CS Mini (6.30-12:00 Cet)

11410 H 45000 3/4

CT Cechy HD
CT 2
CT Sport HD
national Geographic Hungary & Czechia
Discovery HD Showcase
Eurosport 1 HD
Sport 2 Czechia HD
Arena Sport 1

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