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Orler TV have started on Eutelsat 12

Orler TV has started on following paramaters.

Eutelsat 12 West B @ 12.5° West

12638 H 13980 3/5

orler tv

About Orler TV

In the mid-fifties, little more than a boy, Ermanno Orler decided to leave his native country (pimp Primiero) to go to France to make the lumberjack.
Then he decided to move to Venice, where he worked as an artist already his brother David, which you will start them and your career .. The year 1958 ..
Ermanno with wood can we do, and decided to open a small workshop frames, which becomes a useful immediately to his brother and other artists like Emilio Vedova, Virgilio Guidi, Tancredi …
it starts there, in a small workshop in Venice, a task that proves to be an instant success. The need to make easier the contacts with the rest of the mid-sixties led him to move the gallery from Venice in Favaro Veneto, in what later became the nerve center of the company. Meanwhile the ride of their artists is widening: De Chirico, Picasso, Chagall, Campigli, Guttuso, Migneco, Cassinari Cantatore. And yet De Pisis, River, Morlotti, Music, Afro, until Hartung, Adami, Mighty and many others.

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