Satellite TV Updates

Nat Geo Wild Russia SD & HD FTA once again

( on 25 May 2017 both channels encrypted once again. )

Horizons-2 / Intelsat 15 @ 85.2° East

Nat Geo Wild Russia & Nat Geo Wild Russia HD are FTA once again on

12520 V 22915 3/4

wild russia

Wild Russia is a six-scene arrangement of documentaries about the wilderness in Russia (unique title in German: Wildes Russland) made by the German NDR Naturfilm/Studio Hamburg Doclights (official maker: Jörn Röver) for NDR/WDR/S4C/Animal Planet and National Geographic in 2009. The German rendition of NDR Blu-beam (additionally DVD) was described by Christian Brückner, and its English form was described by Clifford Wells. The National Geographic adaptation was described by Paterson Joseph. It was re-altered and disclosed by Animal Planet in the United States, described by Jason Hildebrandt.

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