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MBC Bollywood HD, Wise TV and Selevision Package on Badr

Badr-4/5/6/7 @ 26° East

MBC Bollywood HD started on

12399 V 27500 3/4

mbc bollywood hd

MBC Bollywood is a sister channel of Middle East Broadcasting Center which shows contents and programmes from India. It was launched in October 2013. MBC Bollywood broadcasts the latest Bollywood movies and premieres the best from Bollywood. It has an Arabic interface and reaches out to the Arab Bollywood audience in the Middle East. The channel claims to deliver a fresh approach to Bollywood by offering the region a combination of the freshest Bollywood content along with culturally relevant daily drama series and premium celebrity magazine shows from the Indian subcontinent. The channel bring to the region the new era of Bollywood that boasts of high end production value, contemporary themes and modern settings.

Wise Tv left from

10970 V 27500 5/6

Selevision Package left from

11919 H

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